We are excited to announce a new Catalyst member benefit. Leading paid workshops on our unique Create the Rules Catalyst platform. With the collective marketing we are building on our Speaker Series and events pages allows us to build a strong audience of impact-driven business owners both in the Catalyst and throughout the world.

Workshops are an invaluable way to build and expand one’s business. One of the big list builders you can do in your business is hosting a series of workshops around your area of expertises – both online and in person. Not only does it bring income into your business but it can help people see what’s possible when they work with you. Even DIY workshops are sometimes the best way to show people they can hire someone else to get the work done faster! (haha)

Workshops provide a unique platform to connect with people within my niche, share knowledge and foster relationships between myself and potential customers.

If you want to create workshops with us, consider joining Create the Rules Catalyst.

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