The Virtual World of the Catalyst

In 2021, Marissa Loewen knew that business owners needed a different kind of connection point that Zoom just couldn’t handle. Virtual Co-working sessions were springing up over the internet but the feel and functionality of Zoom proved to be limiting and not what they needed. Armed with both neurovariant accessibility needs and the occasional bout of occupational loneliness, Marissa set out to find a platform that allowed 24/7 access to a series of rooms where business owners could meet to co-working and be coached, mentored and supported.

With an events background, both online and offline, Marissa knew that the advantage to online events meant accessibility for many people around the world. But in order to make the events interesting and impactful, creating an online platform that was engaging and interactive was imperative.

We don’t need more Zoom fatigue but we do need connection and community.

And that’s where our online partner, GoBrunch comes in. With full flexibility to design the rooms as branded and engaging, we have curated the best in online architecture to create branded rooms that can support sponsorship, learning and growing as we increase our audience for online events. We can’t wait to see you in one of our event or workshop rooms.

Beyond Zoom

We create events tailored to your business needs.

Reimagining the power of community

Learn with your peers and colleagues in a collaborate and creative environment. The power of community comes with the contributions, ideas and experiences from who is in the room guiding the energy and impact the workshop or speaker series has.

The impact of tomorrow, today

We have been to those workshops where the speaker went on and on with lovely hypothetical opportunities but then when we got back to reality, we didn’t have time to implement. Create while you’re in the session, build with the expert in the room.

Community. Your new superpower.

Discover your next community member, collaborator or co-creator in one of our workshops or speaker series. We encourage networking and connection during our breakouts and breaks in the lobby so you can meet others in your industry or parallel niches that can help expand your audience.

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